iVirus collects many viral
datasets useful to viral researchers

Here you'll find a list of datasets provided by iVirus - either through identifying valuable viral datasets in the literature, or generating the data within the Sullivan lab.

VirSorter Dataset from Public Microbes

Sequences, cluster annotations, virus-host matrices, and predictions for the Virsorter curated data set

Viromics Benchmarking

Composition tables, simulated viromes, coverages, and abundance matrices for viromics benchmarking.

Pacific Ocean Virome (POV)

Reads, ORFs, assembly, clusters, metadata, and supporting code for the Pacific Ocean Virome.

Global Ocean Virome

AMGs, contigs, viral populations and their clusters, as well as putative hosts for the Global Ocean Virome.

Mesopelagic Archaeal Viruses (Vik 2017)

Reads, contigs, genes, abundances and supplemental data for Mesopelagic Ocean archaeal viruses.

Trubl Soil Viromes

Raw reads used to optimize the generation of viromes from soils.

Tibet Glacier Viromes (2017)

Raw reads, QC reads, and putative viruses of glacial viromes.

Tara Ocean Viromes (TOV 4)

Supporting information for metaproteomics of marine viruses.

Tara Oceans Viromes (TOV 43)

Contigs, proteins, protein clusters and relative abundances of viruses in the Tara Oceans.

Pseudoalteromonas Omics

Examining the virocell of Pseudoalteromonas with siphovirus PSA-HS2 and podovirus PSA-HP1.

Smoking and the Human Lung Virome

Raw reads and bioinformatic code used to explore the role of viruses in the human lung of smokers and nonsmokers

Phages p000v and p000y

Raw reads, assemblies, GenBank annotations, TEM images of phage p000v and p000y.

Global Ocean Virome 2 (GOV2)

Assemblies, viral populations (5-kb and 10-kb cutoffs) and normalized abundances of roughly 200K viral populations of the Global Ocean Virome, including Arctic regions.

Freshwater Virophage

Virophage contigs, their protein clusters, and their coverages in two North American freshwater lakes across a time series.

Towards Quantative Viromics

Contigs, reads, and mapping of mock communities to study quantitative viromics of ssDNA and dsDNA viruses.

Spinal cord Injury (Du et al.,2021)

Genome-resolved metagenomics and viromics of spinal cord injury gut dysbiosis, including raw reads, assemblies, viral contigs and MAGs.

Phage Infection Efficiency

Supplemental data for Howard-Varona et al., phage efficiencies in nearly identical hosts.

Infection Efficiency

Supplemental data for Howard-Varona et al, with transcriptomics of infection efficiency.

Barrow Viromes 2019

Raw reads, QC'd reads, and putative viral populations of Arctic Cryopeg Brine and Sea Ice. Update to 2018.

Barrow Viromes 2018

Raw reads, QC'd reads, assemblies, putative viral populations and hosts, as well as taxonomic information of Arctic Cryopeg Brine and Sea Ice.

Gut Virome Database (GVD)

Gut Virome Database (GVD) files, including the viral populations and individual virome database files.

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