A Community Resource Providing Access to Viromic Tools and Datasets

Learn and explore viral sequence data

We develop and integrate viral ecology-focused tools, collect viral datasets, and create viral protocols. Our goal is to provide a community resource for viral ecology research.

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A  description of each App/Tool built by iVirus, and a number of others leveraged throughout iVirus protocols

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Protocols for using many of the iVirus apps, both on CyVerse and KBase

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Looking for viral datasets? Check here!

What is iVirus?

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iVirus started as a means to fill a void in the sequencing and analysis pipeline where few tools were designed for viruses in mind. Even today, many tools do not "think about" the unique challenges that viruses pose from sequence collection to extraction, to assembly and identification.

We develop tools, data, and metadata resources specifically with viral ecology in mind. We frequently integrate and leverage tools whose areas we lack expertise (e.g., assembly algorithms or read quality control) alongside our own tools, critically to maintain a processing pipeline's stability.

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Read about iVirus and its impact

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Read our iVirus work, with version 2.0 published in ISMEJ Comms. And check out some other research that is directly supported by iVirus members or work.

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Want to Learn More?

Computational Support

iVirus uses resources to support its computational efforts. NSF-funded CyVerse and DOE-funded KBase. Both offer very different design philosophies to complement the various needs of different researchers.

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Workshops and Meetings

Find out when and where the next iVirus workshop will be!

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